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System Mechanic?

Clean, stabilize and speed up your PC.


In minutes, you’ll get a personalized report detailing
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Press Reviews

“System Mechanic is a slick suite of tune-up tools that can dramatically improve your PC’s performance.”

– PC Magazine

“System Mechanic will noticeably improve your PC’s performance.”

– TechRadar

“Best software for PC repair due to its ability to blend power and simplicity.”

– Laptop Magazine

“Even advanced users can get some use out of System Mechanic.”

– Tom’s Guide

“The difference that System Mechanic makes in PC performance is incredible.”

– MSN Tech Today

“System Mechanic will automatically clean up your PC to keep it up to speed.”

– Real Simple Magazine

“You’ll notice a difference just by running the software.”

– USA Today

“one of the most complete, effective, and easy-to-use tune-up utilities.”

– CNet

Community Feedback

Very thorough tools and a helpful and easy interface.

Jon W.Colorado Springs, CO

Can’t live without it.

Sp MLos Angeles, CA

Very good program. I recommend it.

Janusz K.Kraków, Poland

The best and only set of optimization tools that I use.

Stuart M.Edinburgh, UK

System Mechanic makes my computing life free and clear of snags and headaches.

Charles H.San Diego, CA

I have never found an easier to use maintenance software.

Bettie P.Lancaster, PA

All I can say is that I love this program. It fixes all my computer problems!

Gloria C.Saint Peters, MO

Excellent product and I like the in-depth tasks. I definitely recommend it.

Arron W.London, UK

I use System Mechanic regularly and my computer runs more efficiently.

Janusz B.Toronto, Canada

System Mechanic Pro is the best computer tool on the market. Low cost and powerful!

Sonny I.Havelock, NC

Takes care of the dirty work for me and keeps my computer running smoothly.

Einar G.Reykjavík, Iceland

System Mechanic has contributed greatly to my PC’s longevity. I highly recommend it.

Thomas L.Swansboro, NC

Excellent product. I do not believe any better exists!

Robert K.Indianapolis, IN

System Mechanic is a really good choice, getting the best out of all my computers.

Wolfgang B.Hamburg, Germany

Works very well and is easy to use.

Richard M.Southbury, CT

Great product. Keeps everything on my computer running smoothly.

Barry D.Greenville, SC

Outstanding product! The new version is great. I highly recommend it.

Joseph P.Cleveland, OH

A great program. I have used it for years and it has kept my computer running perfectly!

Aaron E.Tallahassee, FL

Very good product and easy to work with.

Michael A.Markham, Canada

I just follow the easy instructions and let System Mechanic do its thing. What more could you ask for?

Bonnie B.Danville, CA

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Faster processor

Unparks 100% of processor cores and revs them to maximum clock speed when you begin a system-taxing gaming, programming, graphic design or multimedia task.

Unleashes Internet speed

Greatly improves a whole cache of under-performing Windows Internet settings hidden to most users, for the very smoothest streaming, gaming or browsing available through your network.

Increases drive speed

Stores data to hard disk in contiguous batches, over time preventing hundreds of thousands of file fragments and making the read/write process much faster.