So Gluten Sensitivity was not in the life I ordered but this blog is about how we go against the grain everyday.I am also a bookmark hoarder and add them under links. Please feel free to share your own links, blogs, GF info, or recipes.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Help me I am begging you to give me your feedback!

As the last post  Hand outs to the parents and teachers stated I sent the teacher a letter explaining my child's needs and made simple send home info for the other parents. After asking a few parents it turns out the teacher never handed out the info to the parents with all the other forms during Open House.  I also have sat down with her explained my child's needs, how simple this is, how wonderful and supporting most of the other parents are.

On the first day of school the teacher requested we have a meeting after school ended that day (half day the first week). I went to the meeting where she said she and the principal felt for my daughter's safety it was best that I be the only one to supply her with a snack. To make sure that she knew the difference between her snack and her lunch and to make it healthy (did I mention it can only be store bought O_o. )

So after paying for all the tuition, all her uniforms not to mention shoes, socks, all her supplies and making sure she has Gluten free supplies, Trying to anticipate all of her art supply needs So I can order the gluten free versions of those and buying the Gluten free shopping guide for the teacher thinking she would actually use it.  I have spent a lot of money.

Now My daughter having gone to school with many of these children last year at the same school is used to being able to eat snacks that are GF and eat the ones I provide when they are not.  So I tried to explain to my 5yr old how she would no longer be allowed to eat what other children brought in. I said that I would send her a snack everyday and she would eat that instead. She paused for a moment and was fine with it.

Today when I picked her up she starts chattering away about random important bits of her day. I was listening and it was a happy banter until  this came up My daughter (MD): Mommy they had Motts for snack today not the juice I know it is GF  the fruit snacks you need to check that in your book and see if it is gluten free.  Me: Did you have your banana chips?  MD: yeah I ate em all up.  Me:  Great! Did all of you wash your hands after you ate? MD:  We DIDN'T even wash them before! (I look at her in the rear view mirror hoping she is kidding. She is not. Me: So you used a wipe, germ X, or Purell.  She shakes her head no and then Says mama I think they were gluten free so you need to tell them. Me: baby you can not have what they are eating anymore. MD: Why mommy? Why not? (my heart breaking and years of teaching her she is the same as everyone else shattering as well) Me: Because you teacher says so. MD: Why Mama they didn't do this before why would she do this?  Me:  I don't know baby.

I am frustrated, angry, hurt, disappointed and want to do something.  I don't want to be rash in my decision and burn bridges where they need not be burned.  I want my child to be included and not ostracized though. I don't want her peers who go to school with each other for 10 yrs or more to look at her differently.  I don't want her to feel bad about yourself. I got her to stop saying I wish I was a gluten girl mommy and I don't want that back.

I see that while the teacher clearly made my daughter bring a snack for her safety she is not taking proper precautions to eliminate cross contamination. I think her explaining to me she would be put at a separate table with her GF playdough is what she thinks is the proper procedure even though I wrote what is and is not proper.  I had not gone to the school to ask them to provide GF lunches to be made available because they worked with me before and why push something when it is going so well.  Well now it is not going well and I want my child to be able to buy lunch if I am tired, sick, or just to have that experience in life.  They had bake sales all the time last year and will be setting up for ice cream and topping soon.  Well she should be able to enjoy that. Without it being cross contaminated.

I could save all the money we are spending and home school my child but there are always going to be these issues or people that pop up in life. She does not need a protective bubble she needs to learn how to function in the real world.   Like I told the teacher I am realistic there are times where I can not control if she gets gluten on her or in her. Then there are times that I choose to weigh if this life experience is worth putting up with the contamination fallout.

Thank you for reading through that here is my question. What would you do as a mother or parent if you were in my shoes? Would you try approaching the teacher again? Would you go to the principal? Would you get the laws to back you up?  Would you just look for another school?  I need some input from other people please.

Friday, August 10, 2012

hand outs to parents and teacher to help them understand what your child can have

While my child is going to the same school with 11 of her fellow students returning I wrote a letter or print out explaining more about what my child can and can not have. Asking them to give me advance notice for birthdays and what they will be bringing so I can try to make sure my child has the same.  I listed candy she could have so at holidays like valentines day or birthday parties  (pinatas or goody bags) so they would know in advance. I wrote in good places to shop in our local area. Just helpful info.

We have a new teacher and this is her first time dealing with gluten so I have made up a printout for her as well. I also bought the new Gluten free shopping guide to stay in her class room.

I am going to share them with you in case you want to copy them and write in your own details. I hope they help.

If you  go to file you can download in whatever for you might need.

If you  go to file you can download in whatever for you might need.
While this has been written for gluten allergy you can take this format and turn it into any allergy. I tried not to mention anything with nuts since there is also a child with a nut allergy in our class.
I hope that you find these helpful and if you find any changes that need to be made please leave a comment.  

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Always trust your mother's instinct

The OT testing results are in. They came in 4 days ago and it already feels like a month.  The results are clear that she needs work in so many areas.  She will have to go to Therapy on top of what we are already doing.  All the doctors she has have different theories about what she actually has wrong with her.

I have found a wonderful Psychiatrist for her that is ok with watching her. He is agrees that starting school and OT (hopefully ABA) will be huge changes in her life and that we should not throw pills at her now.  While he has discussed all of the different illnesses he thinks she might have at this moment due to testing, observation, and reactions to different stimuli he has also made it clear he has NOT diagnosed her with anything.   He believes in watching and making certain the child really has what he is labeling them with. That putting a label on is easy but taking a label off is hard.

I have worked for years to find people to listen to me, my pleas have fell on many a deaf ears.  I kept fighting and this is just the begging.  I just want every other parent out there to know that there is hope.  So many people will tell you they are fine, your friends might think your crazy, even your own spouse may start to think you are going over board. You might feel guilty when doctors tell you it's your fault or you are just making it up but it is worth it.

I have made a Plan for our life it is as follows

1) If you can not help her or bring anything positive the situation then you can not be apart of our team. I don't care who you are!

2) If you can not support us and the plan we are using then you can not be apart of our life.  That is Family, friends, therapists, teachers, anyone.

3) The plan will be flexible to change.  It is what The doctors and I think is best for her and if it needs to be adjusted to accommodate her better it will be. Deal with it!

4) If we do not have to medicate we won't but if and when that time comes it is MY decision.

5) The first medication is not always the right one and I do not need anyone making me feel bad about my child suffering so please keep your comments to yourself or feel free to leave.

6) I will not be obsessed about fining a diagnosis.

7) I will work on fixing what we can until she has one if she ever does.

8) I want her to be treated as normally as possible.  Yes she does need somethings that are different then other children but they do not have to be obvious and huge Lets see how far she can push herself and handle it on her own.  When we do have to step in I want to be as creative as possible and make them as small and hidden as possible.

There is so much more I will learn and want to add to this list but this is the plan I have come up with in the few days since I found out to get me by.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The most important item I buy for the new school year Is the not even on the supply list.

Every year I buy what the school requires, find a gluten free replacement, or buy her children latex gloves so she can do the activity with them. The most important item I buy is my  Grocery Shopping Guide 2012-2013 edition  I buy one for the teacher so she can check on snacks and little other products.   I also buy one for myself and now one for my Mother-in-law.  This way she can buy everyday items from the grocery store and know that she is not wasting her money. She knows they are gluten free and safe for us to eat. It saves a ton of time if I am trying something new, they are out of our regular brand, or we are at a friends house and they ask hey can the two of you have this?

If you buy one from there on checkout when they asked who referred you please give them my email address South3rnSass@gmail.com. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Gluten free make upthat is easy to buy

I know for so many people and doctors out there that anything that whether products need to be gluten free if they are not digested is a huge controversy.  What follows is my opinion and mine alone.

Some people have a sensitivity to gluten and that means to what touches their body as well as what they digest. Some people are only bothered by what they digest. That said, If you are wearing lipstick  you could ingest it. If  you chew on your fingernails you can ingest the nail polish.   Lotion or soap on your hands  could contaminate your food. I mean there are a million different ways but most likely if you  have the allergy then you know all this.

If you are a parent to, married to, or even dating someone with this problem.  When they kiss your cheek you have make up there. What about perfume? do you nuzzle your face with your baby's?  You know how they put their hands on everything and then back in their mouths.   I could list so many more reasons for using All gluten free products but I will spare you. 

Now that you read all of that I have FOUND LOCAL GF MAKE UP!!!! Well local for me hopefully close to a retailer near you.  Body Shop has a large selection of it in store.  

I am not much for wearing make up but I do wear it on special occasions so I was glad to see that I could purchase something at the last minute.  I am more excited about Santa having a place to buy products for my daughter to play with. The people were so very helpful so go give them a try.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Waiting for the occupational test results and sensory issues

So my daughter has had cognitive and occupational testing done.  We have the results from the Cognitive  tests stating that she has supirior intelligence for her age. I am awaiting the results of the occupational testing any day.  I mean I literally check the mailbox often  and I want to cry when the results are not there.  They could tell me before we left that she HAD oral sensory problems but wanted to score the tests before telling me the others.

Before I left the therapist gave me some suggestions on how to help her self soothe or to help some of the issues we are facing.  I started implementing them slowly to see which would work and which made no difference.  I have to say at first I was so excited to see a difference in my child's behavior.  If we were going to do something I knew would cause her melt down or act out. I used a sensory game or toys. The behavior difference was to the point that My parents and I would would exchange quick glances trying to make sure the others saw this and we were not going crazy.   As she found an ability to soothe herself she  from these therapies she seemed to become more aggressive and volatile when she did. It has been harder to soothe her with the old ways we used to cope with. As if she has seen that there is a better way to live and she is now fighting to get there.

Has anyone else experiences this with their child? If they have sensory issues or SPD  was it like this in the beginning?  I just really need someone to tell me," You are not alone and this will get better."

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Kaleidoscope Associates in Pensacola, FL work with food allergies

I was looking for some summer activities for my daughter to do and  I saw KaleidoscopeAssociates had a culinary camp. I was so excited and then I remembered the class is probably not for kids with food allergies.  So I contacted Jacki Selby to ask her this

Do you offer the summer camp for those children with food allergies? My daughter LOVES to cook.  She can not tolerate gluten in any form. She is only 5 so could not join this year but I am trying to find out for next year.
Thank you,

This is her exciting response:

Thanks for contacting us! Yes, we do offer cooking classes and camps for children with food allergies. In fact, we also offer customized birthday cooking parties for children with allergies. Our associates are very committed to facilitating a "normal" food experience for all children, despite their food allergies. 

I look forward to meeting you and your daughter. If you attend the May 16th Gallery Night in downtown Pensacola, please stop by Distinctive Kitchens and say "hi"! We will be in the kitchen doing food demos with some of our current students.
Have a blessed day,

I was so happy and thankful that they already had something in place for people with food allergies. We have all called or written to find out that a place we wanted to go does not and will not allow outside food. I was expecting the answer to be Kaleidoscope  no we do not have a class for food allergies and then write her asking if they would consider making one. The fact that they not only have a camp but parties too is great. I mean how many birthday parties have you gone to where you or your child could not even eat the food at the party. Now your child can not only eat it but they can have fun making it too.

If you are wanting to sign up for summer camp here is the link if you did not find it on the facebook site Class Calendar scroll to June to see the first class.  you may want to call and find out when the allergy friendly class is here is the phone number 850-261-4063. Kaleidoscope does classes in a variety of locations such as Distinctive Kitchen at 29 South Palafox Place Pensacola, FL, Kaleidoscope Associates' classes are in Mobile, AL, and they have a variety of other locations they also present classes. So drop them a line or email and see if there is one near you.

Monday, December 5, 2011

New way to bookmark

As you all know I am a bookmark hoarder.  I have been introduced to http://pinterest.com/  Which is my new way to bookmark.  I have to say  For anyone that is doing a gluten free diet there is a plethora of links on this site.  I am so excited to try all the new recipes!!!  Not  mention if you can come up with a word they have it on there already plus you can pin all of your bookmarks on there as well.  Happy pinning everyone Hope to see you on there.

If you wish to follow me on there there is a button on the right hand side of the page under my the pages that you can click and follow me or just my gluten free board if you want.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gluten free Christmas Cookies

So if you are like my family and enjoy making Christmas cookies  check out this  Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GlutenFreeCookieSwap?sk=wall   They are having a contest you can enter your own recipe  for a $850 grand prize or $143 runner up prize.  Now if you are like me you can look at the page for any new GF cookies that would be fun to make.   

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What's for dinner?

It's thanksgiving here and what are you having?  We like most people that can not have gluten will be having dinner with people that not only can eat gluten but WILL be eating it.  So what is a Mom to do?  Well I do a few different things to make the day run smoothly.

1) I make a gluten and a gluten free item For example :  My family is having homemade mac and cheese so I made  Annie’s Homegrown glutenfree rice pasta and cheddar mac and cheese http://www.amazon.com/Annies-Homegrown-Gluten-Free-Cheddar-6-Ounce/dp/B000CQ01NS (a favorite at this house)

2) I make things that are gluten free but no ones knows or cares about. The turkey is being fried in new oil and it is a gluten free turkey so we only need one of those.  I baked sweet potatoes for everyone and will let them fix them individually instead of making a casserole.

3) I am making her veggies separately. Some of them are canned and I want to make sure her veggies are gluten free and not cooked with any "special" seasonings that someone else might add that have hidden gluten in them as well.

This is just the way I am doing it this year every year I learn something new and I change the plan a little.  Also The plan varies greatly on whether I am cooking everything at my house or I will be eating at someone else's house.  I think creating a plan for your family will be about the same but it is important to have a base plan.
This means go in with your eyes and ears open here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to making your plan.
Know If the home you will be eating at knows what gluten is and how much they know.
Do they know that just because something does not have wheat on the label that it could still be harmful?
Do they know about cross contamination and most importantly do they take it as serious as you do?

Here are some great recipes for those of you that need a last min idea


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Jelly bellies Jelly bean products

I spoke to the company about their chapstick and fingernail polish yesterday. Their comment is that they are Gluten free but that the companies manufacturing their products may use gluten in their facilities so they can not claim that any of their products are not cross contaminated.

I have been looking for a "fun" fingernail polish and and chapstick set for my daughter for Christmas. So far I am disappointed.  My daughter being gluten sensitive instead of just having celiac disease means that she has a reaction to the gluten even when she has not ingested it.  Anyone with Celiac disease and that are not highly sensitive however might be able to use this product.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nutritional therapy and how it plays a role in our life.

This information was sent to me by a reader who has a great blog  Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance blog which you should take a moment to check out.  I personally find that nutrition plays a huge role in our life and the illnesses in it.  I am sure that anyone who has Celiac disease or Gluten sensitivity would agree. If you will please take a moment to read this thanks!

Utilizing Nutritional Therapy AsPart of One's Healing Protocol

Nutritional lifestyle shouldfunction as a critical facet of one's health and healing strategy, especiallyfor those people who are dealing with chronic and/or terminal illnesses. Inthis way, a specifically tailored healthy diet can serve as one of the mainengines for one's healing journey by providing a foundation for true healing totake place. Additionally, by covering all of the nutritional bases that oneneeds with a healthy diet consisting of whole, organic foods, one is able tooverall feel much better day to day and thus accordingly have more energy andzest for life.

For chronic and terminal illnesspatients, such as those battling cancers like mesothelioma, setting up a personalized nutritional therapy programcan help correct underlying nutritional imbalances that may have contributed toone getting the illness in the first place. In a philosophical sense, we arewhat we eat, so becoming conscious and manipulating the food that enters ourbody is an essential facet of a truly all encompassing, holistic healingstrategy. Life expectancyoutcomes can likely be dramatically improved with the implementation of aproper, personalized nutritional lifestyle. For patients since a strongnutritional foundation will strengthen the body's various organ systems,especially the immune system, which will function best when the patientreceives all the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, cofactors andenzymes, its possible to guide a patient on the path to healing.

In this light, proper nutritionaltherapy works in concert with other healing strategies, whether they areconventional or alternative and complementary, by strengthening the overallbalance and health of the body. At the same time, nutritional interventionscan also function as effective remedies in their own right via correctingcritical vitamin and/or mineral imbalances that may have made the body moresusceptible to the chronic illness or cancer in the first place. Furthermore,the abundance of therapeutic phytonutrients that one obtains from eating awhole food based, organic, healthy diet have a wide range of healing benefits that worksynergistically to help the body fight off chronic illness and cancers.

It is possible for people withspecific illnesses, such as those dealing with autoimmune disorders likeHIV/AIDS and Crohn's disease, or thosedealing with targeted cancers to work with a health care practitioner to designa specific diet that targets certain phytonutrients from various food groupsthat have clinically been proven to help with healing individual diseases. Forexample, the phytonutrient resveratrol has been shown to be quite chemopreventiveand anti-inflammatory, which can be immensely beneficial for those undergoingconventional cancer treatment or who are suffering disease side effects.

Moreover, eating foods abundant invarious types of antioxidants and immune-supporting polysaccharides, such asmany of the Asian mushrooms like shiitakes, maitakes and oyster mushrooms, hasalso shown to be helpful in improving the body's healing response to variousillnesses. In light of these exciting findings, it can be concluded that nutritional lifestyle therapycan serve as an effective tool in healing for chronic and terminal illnesses,while at the same time working to improve patients' overall quality of life andthus sense of wellbeing.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gluten free candy list for 2011

Let's face it we eat candy and give our kids candy.  The schools allow so we might as well know what kind is safe and let others know too.  Here is a article from Celiac.com (a fave of mine) and for me they are like calling a company. Gluten free and Gluten safe Halloween Candy 2011  There are new candies coming out all the time though and when in doubt Call the number on the back  to ask them if they are gluten free or not.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Like it or not it the day is coming.  I personally love the day and my daughter dresses up everyday so she is in love with the day as well.  So here are a few options for how to deal with the day to make it go smoothly.

1) Have a party - If you have a party at your house you know what is there and you know your child or yourself  will not be contaminated.  If you want help with food give out something that is easy but gluten free to each guest. Like a bag of GF candy or any other GF prepackaged food or drink.

2) For smaller children take them trick or treating! This is what I have done with mine. Depending on the age of the child say 3-up you can decide on something to replace the candy they receive.  I told my daughter it was the one time she could take something from someone without asking if it was Gluten free and put it in her bucket. When we got home she hands over the bucket and we hand over the toy. GF snacks, or GF candy that we all agreed on before she went trick or treating so there are no melt downs.  ***the younger they are you might want to bring a snacks or sucker with you trick or treating if you will be doing it with other people that let their children that are allowed to eat some of theirs on the way.***

3) Go trick or treating at houses you have already talked to and know that they will have GF candy or other items. --My In-Laws do this for us.  They take down a list of candy that is safe for her that year and any of the people in the neighborhood that know my daughter they buy GF candy. There is a long list of candy that is GF and not outrageously expensive so if you know your neighbors give them a handout a of the GF candies letting them know they don't have to buy them it is just a suggestion of what your child can have. Lets face it if you are going to their house and are friends they already know and probably will appreciate it. I would not ever do it with strangers but most of my friends appreciate this kind of thing from me.

4)  If you know a group of people with Gluten sensitive or celiac disease then do something together. You know you be in a safe environment and people who go against the grain rock so you know you would have fun!

How to handle school:

Some school participate in this and some have a fall festival. If asked send in a list of items that your child can have.  I would include pencils, erasers, and other cheap toys on this list because they are everywhere at party city and Walmart right now. The other children would like them just as much, the parents would love not have another piece of sugar put in their kids body, and the other parents probably would be relieved not to have to worry about what to buy for your child that is gluten free.

If you give out something and you do not want it to be candy try http://www.orientaltrading.com/  I have used the a lot over the years and love them.  It would be great if you and several parents went in together so you could get a variety for trick or treating or for the classroom.

Good luck and I hope all of you have a spooktacular Gluten free Halloween!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fight for yourself

I started this blog to share our journey with you so that you could learn from my mistakes and also what I do right with my child and her gluten free diet.  After much thinking I am sharing my news with you so that hopefully it will save some of you and your intestines.

They now know I have Gluten sensitivity or celiac disease and they know I have had it since at least first grade.  When I was 16 I became very ill and went through a ton of test  finding out part of my stomach and  intestines were paralyzed.  When we asked why no one knew, no one cared. They tried me on the medication approved in the US.  When I could not take it I was told to learn to live with it and I adjusted my life around it.  

I recently went in for more testing and new studies to find out my intestines are getting very little blood now and  I get to try 2 different medicines  if the first one works great! the second is not approved in the US still after 14 years (not sure that the insurance will pay for it). If they don't work they want to put in a pace maker for my intestines and the last option is the dying portion will have to be removed.

I tell you my story because after fighting for my daughter to find out the why of everything I know how important it is.  The doctors should have found out why my intestines were becoming paralyzed 14 yrs ago.  If I had been on a gluten free diet for 14 or more years maybe my intestines would not be the way they are now who knows.  I do know I will never walk out of a doctors office thinking  "I don't know"  is an acceptable answer  and neither should you. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hair donation for cancer patient

If anyone is planning on cutting their hair and donating it can you pls contact me and I will let you know how to about mailing. I have a family member that has breast cancer and has lost all of her hair after only 2 treatments of chemo.  She has 3 and 1/2 more months left and then starts radiation so options would be  lovely for her to have at this time thank you all <3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The test results so far for me

I know you are all dying to know. lol  The Endoscopy went ok.   They found a hernia in my esophagus, that I have IBS,  the parts of my intestines and stomach that are paralyzed are not getting much blood, and they had to take extra biopsies.  Depending on what the emptying study shows more paralysis  is whether I will have an emergency appointment or he will fit me in to go over everything. His words not mine.  I have been vomiting and had a lot of pain since the Endoscopy which I never had before but other then that no worries. I have the test next Thursday so I guess sometime after that you will hear the rest of the results

Friday, September 16, 2011

Buddy Fruits are Gluten free and so much more

I have contacted the  buddy Fruits company and they let me know that all of their products are Gluten free.  I think this is a wonderful product for traveling, for lunch boxes, for school snacks, and for just keeping in your purse when you need to prevent a hunger meltdown.

They have 5 different flavors of blended fruit (like applesauce but one does not contain apples), 3 flavors of smoothies, and 4 different types of fruit bites.  To top it all off each packet is a serving of fruit.  All the snacks are between 50-95 calories depending on which you choose. So they would be a great snack if you are on a trying to diet.  What I love about the company is that it is a very green company.  They do not use colorings, genetic modifications, no sugar added, no artificial flavorings and most important to me NO GLUTEN!  They sell them most popular grocery stores so you should not struggle to find them.  They have a zip code locator that you can punch in and find the stores near you that sell them.  So go check them out.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today is Celiac awareness day

What are you doing for it?  If you have not already know what Celiac disease and you do not know what Gluten is then today today is the perfect time to look them up.

Want to really make an impact try one of these 13 things to do promote Celiac awareness from the national foundation for Celiac awareness.

I say try going gluten free for a week!  Even if you just have one pan that is able to be used after washing then you can survive for a week.  You can eat the food at home and try eating out.  Look up which restaurants in your area are GF and what they have they you might enjoy.  This way you are not having to buy all new toaster and pans but you still get to experience the good food.  Also if you have any problems with gluten then a week should show you a little to a instant improvement in a week.

I can only hope that 100 years from now we won't have to have a national Celiac awareness.  The illness is becoming somewhat more recognized and the gluten free community is growing at a rapid rate.  We are speaking up for our needs and letting the companies know that We have money and if they want Us to pay so much for their products they had better be high quality.  That is huge progress considering we made most of it in the last 10 years. So get out there and keep going against the grain!

Gastroenterology here I come

So I went to my doctor today and I mean go big or go home for National Celiac Awareness Day right?  I have 2 biopsies on Thursday,  a swallowing study next Thursday,  did a ton of blood work today and I think there is more but that is what I can remember for now.  

My hope is that by giving me a diagnosis the doctors will be able to better help my daughter.   If I come back with nothing then I will try to have her father diagnosed and move out into other family members.  Lets hope my tests are not like my daughters and lead to more questions and tests then answers. Wish me luck! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Taking the fear out of baking gluten free

If you get a chance to buy the October /November 2011 copy of Living Without magazine.  Buy one for yourself and one for any family members!  There is a wonderful article called Power Flours.  It explains 7 of the major flours that we can use  to bake with. What I LOVE about this article is that it explains in plain English what to expect from each flour.  What the flour tastes like, what kind of texture, what it is used for (such as don't use more then 30% Sourghum in any flour blend).  It also give you information about what to do after you have picked the flours you want to try out and as always it gives you yummy recipes to try out.  So run to the store to buy one to head over to their site.

I know that baking was my favorite thing to do before we went gluten free.  I found it relaxing to make fresh muffins in the morning.  As I have learned through trial and error baking gluten free I am becoming more adventurous with it.   Which is a good thing since we have a giant breakfast every Sunday Morning.  If  I don't keep the menus changing the crowd grows restless. lol   

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The test go on and on

The new Gastro ordered a ton of blood test for my daughter. He has also requested that she be allergy tested for a few things and wants her to be tested for all the behavioral illnesses that are greatly affected by Gluten.  We have yet to see her main pediatric doctor to have anything setup other then the blood tests.

Blood tests results roll in daily.  I knew that the test might come back flagged and half of the first set did so she will be watched for a more serious illness. When the second set came back low I was appalled.  I had asked for her Vitamin D to be tested because a year and a half ago I was told it was low. She was already on vitamins, we played outside as much as possible for sun, and we even made smoothies to try to boost it along with her iron which also stays low. I was told by the old base they didn't know what to do and as always nothing was done.  I was just a mother with to much time on her hands as far as they were concerned.  Now all this time has gone by and I can only wonder what else has happened to her body due to lack of treatment?

The doctors here acknowledge that she has not had proper treatment and are now trying to make up for that.  While I appreciate that it seems that so much more could be going on inside that little body then I ever dreamed of.  

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The new doctor

I have to sing the praises of Michael K Davis Jr, MD at Nemours Children's Clinic in Pensacola FL.  He has a great bedside manner and is wonderful with children (which helps seeing that he is a peds doctor).

He asked what was going on and what I wanted to accomplish from the appointment. I of course said a diagnosis. lol  I had her previous paper work sent over so he already knew what it said and he was honest with me. Right now they do not have any other test that will give us one. From all of the test he has, all of the information he has received from me he can try a few more things to rule out other things but no matter what she needs to stay Gluten free for the rest of her life period.  I walked away from the appointment glad that I was doing the right thing for my daughter and praying that the world as whole will come to learn more about this disease and all the ones related to it so that it might be easier for future generations.        

Mrs. Alaska 2011 campaigns for Celiac Disease Awareness - Maeve's Musings | Udi's Gluten Free

Mrs. Alaska 2011 campaigns for Celiac Disease Awareness - Maeve's Musings | Udi's Gluten FreeHow wonderful is this attention!I Always tell my daughter she can do anything she wants to do when she grows up even though I know there will be some limitations on her due to this disease. So being able to show her something like this helps prove to her that only her dreams can limit how far she can go.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We are going to see a new Peds Gastroenterologist

The last time we saw one we had to travel out of town to see him. So we were allowed to have one visit with him prior to the biopsy and then the biopsy.  The diagnosis left a lot to be desired.  After all the time that has passed and all the things I have had to learn on my own I am going in prepared (or as prepared as I can think up).

I won't lie and say I don't hope that he says oh there was some mix up in the tests and she really has this.  All she has to do is take a pill and she will be fine from now on.  Back in reality I know that when she comes in any contact with gluten there is no hiding the fact it changes her.  I am still hopeful and nervous all at once.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2011/2012 Gluten Free and Allergy Free Art Supply List | Adventures of a Gluten Free Mom:

'via Blog this'

She has a great blog and you should check it out while you are there but this particular post can save you a lot of time.  I am buying Stamps and Gluten free ink for school at the moment and just bought Glutent free play-dough or Soy-yer Soy-Yer Dough 6 Pack Gift Set    last week.  Hope this saves you guys some time looking everything up.          

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ideas for Gluten free snacks for school

** Disclaimer** while some products should be Gluten free such as Cornmeal it could be manufactured in a company that makes wheat containing products. So me companies will not guarantee that the product is not cross contaminated during production and therefore you may need to call the company or look in your 

2011/2012 Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide by Cecelia's Marketplace



If you are cutting these up please make sure to wash your utensils with gluten free soap such as Dawn. Wipe down a area in your kitchen with something such as Clorox wipes so that there is no cross contamination that takes place.  

Pirates Booty – Veggie 
Pirates Booty – Smart Puffs, Wisconsin Cheddar 
Mr. Krispers – rice crackers – various flavors 
Food Should be good – chips / crackers -various flavors:
*Lunburg farms – Rice tortilla chips – various flavors 
Lays potato chips 
Baked Lays 

Glutino – original, vegetable and cheese flavor 
Glutino – vegetable 
Glutino – cheese 
Glutino – multi-grain 
Mary’s gone crackers – Original 
Mary’s gone crackers – Caraway
Mary’s gone crackers – Herb 
Blue Diamond – Nut thins – various flavors 
Out of the Bread Box – Gram Crackers 
Out of the Bread Box – Cheese crackers 
Out of the Bread Box – Multi grain crackers 

Cookies and treats (in cookie or snack isles)
Pamela’s- Cookies – many flavors 
Mi-Del – Ginger cookies 
Mi-Del – Sugar cookies 
Ian’s – Animal crackers 
Ian’s – Cookie bites 
Glutino – Vanilla wafers – chocolate covered 
Glutino – Chocolate wafers – chocolate covered 
Glutino – Chocolate covered strawberry wafers 
Glutino – Chocolate covered lemon wafers 
Glutino – Chocolate Vanilla Crème Cookies 
Glutino – Vanilla Crème Cookies 
Glutino – Chocolate Chip Cookies 
Enjoy Life – Snicker doodles 
Enjoy Life – Chocolate chip cookies 
Enjoy Life – Ginger cookies 
Out of the Bread Box – Cookies 
Envirokidz Organic crispy rice bars
Most of the Chex cereals are GF

-junior mints
-mini and regular hershey bars
-m & m  packs
-hershey kisses
-lemonheads candy
-sweedish fish
-tootsie pops, tootsie rolls
-after eight candies
-popsicle brand popsicles--many types, check packaging!
-push-ups, italian ice, lemon chills
-milk duds
-gogurt--great frozen
-silhouette brand fudgesicles
-dove ice cream minis or regular
-haagan daaz mini ice cream cups --obviously not with cookies or brownie pieces!
-kinnikinnick k-toos (just like oreos) and chocolate chip cookies (really divine!)
-wholefoods frozen brownies, cupcakes
-chooclate covered strawberries, fruit kabobs
-edy mini ice cream cups
-edy's dibs
-jello pudding snack packs
-smarites--roll candies
-dairy queen pre-packaged ice cream bars
-starburst fruit chews
Haribo Gummies
Sharie’s Candies Gummies
Trolli Gummies
Gold Medal Cotton Candy
-three muskateer bars
-glutino kit-kat like chocolate wafer cookies (a favorite of the gluten free boy!)

Places that are good to get Gluten free food
Publix  (The one on 9th has a section of Gluten Free (GF) food up front as you walk in it is on the right hand side)
Winn dixe (Most have a small section of GF food and they are mixed in too)
Walmart (The one on davis has a small section of GF food but mainly mixed )
Evermans (Mixed in)
Walgreens  (Mixed in)
Oh Snap! Cupcakes  has Gluten free items as well as nut free

http://allergicliving.com/  A great site to check out for both gluten free and nut free products and info.

http://www.livingwithout.com/ another great site that has information on both nut and gluten free information.

ideas if you wanted to make something

UNSAFE FOODS/ ITEMS unless they say GF or you make them with GF products
Enriched white flour
All purpose flour

pasta noodles 

Chocolate with
Crispies or Cookies
candy not on safe list
ice cream (verify)
Cheese sauces
Processed cheese
hot dogs (fillers)

malt vinegar
vegetable oil (verify)
spices (verify)
food coloring (verify)
salad dressings
mayonnaise (verify)
Oreida Tator Tots

Pickles (verify)
Suntan lotion (verify)
hand lotion (verify)
Soaps with Wheat germ oil
Toothpaste (verify)
Paper Maché
Play Doh
Finger Paint
Stamps (glue contains gluten)

Things to avoid if you want to know them

I know they look scary 

Monday, August 8, 2011

information on Germ X, Purell, Elmers. Neosporin, Kleenex, Neo to go

Gluten free ones 

Germ X
Elmers glues
Neosporin max strength, first aide ointment, and wound clenser
Kleenex are all Gluten free

The only one that would send me any information in writing stating one way or another was Kleenex. Here is what they had to say:

 Thanks for your e-mail to Kimberly-Clark.

Kimberly-Clark consumer products do not contain wheat, rye, barley, spelt, triticale, kamut or farina.  Certain Kimberly-Clark products do contain oats.  The only Kimberly-Clark products containing oats are HUGGIES® Soft Skin products.

We hope that this information is helpful.  Thanks again for visiting our web site.

Consumer Services, Kimberly-Clark Corp.
Lead the world in essentials for a better life.

Other news on products

Neo to go says that it is Gluten free but it has not been tested so take that how you want.....
Neosporin plus pain is not tested

Here is my official post on BAND-AID

After spending a great deal of time on the phone with the company today to find out if the products were Gluten free I can say that not all of them are.   I was hopeful to believe that all of them were like so many other sites had told me they were but this is why I like doing my own leg work when it comes to some products.  They do have some products that are in fact GF.  It is also easier if you call in with a specific product to ask them about.  

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crayola gluten free info

I know that there are so many parents out there that are getting ready  for school and scanning that school supply list or even if you just want something for your little one to play with at home here is some info on Crayola.

I called them again today (07/26/11)  and everything except crayola dough is Gluten free.  I checked about the new dry erase products since they are new and they are Gluten free.  I always ask about the crayola color bubbles and they are still safe as well.

Here is the information from the site and the link as well:

Due to allergies and allergy concerns, can you tell me the ingredients in your products?
Due to allergies and allergy concerns, can you tell me the ingredients in your products?


The exact ingredients of our products are proprietary, however, we are happy to provide you with the most common ingredient requests NOT FOUND in products currently manufactured by Crayola. This list does not include Crayola official licensed products. Please check packaging carefully to determine the manufacturer.
Peanuts & Legumes
Tree Nuts
Eggs & Egg Shell
Nut & Nut Oil
D&C Red Dye #40
*It is possible that latex gloves may have been worn during the manufacture and distribution of raw materials, components or finished goods.
Crayola Dough contains wheat and therefore is not Gluten Free. Other Crayola products, including Model Magic modeling compound, Modeling Clay, Air-Dry Clay, and Model Magic Fusion are Gluten Free.
For additional assistance, please call us at 1-800-272-9652 weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time.
Date Updated 11/17/10 01:11 PM

Crayola allergy information

Monday, July 11, 2011

Touch yourself!

There are a ton of great organizations out there for breast cancer and they have hip names so we all support them.  Really though as a mom or just a woman how many of us forget to touch ourselves once a month? We all have so much going on and truth be told the last thing I want to do is add one more thing to the to do list when it comes shower time. I even have a how-to breast exam shower hanger in there with me that I got when I was 16.  I think this disease kills so easily because Women are so busy taking care of our families that we put ourselves off until later.

Since another woman I love has been added to the list of ppl I will fight to Save the ta-tas, Cop-a-feel, and all the others out there.  I felt the need to remind all women and men out there in cyber land to take a min each month and touch yourself. Maybe this disease will never find you  but more likely then not it will touch your life somehow.  

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Seeing where I was born and raised through new eyes

Before this last visit home it had been about 2 years since we visited home.  So I am now getting my real first look at my hometown through Gluten free glasses. I am not complaining at all!!!!! There is GF food and products all over the place. The 2nd day here I went and bought almost $100 of GF food because it was there and I am so used to having to hoard it lol.   

Lots of people here have heard of Celiac disease or gluten and the ones who have not usually have their Southern hospitality and want to know all they can to help.  I am in love with being back in my Crunchy home town.  I know it will not be all rainbows and sunshine but for today I am going to relish being here! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

So the move is over and the real work begins

I have been working on enrolling Phia in school and getting us enrolled in the new Tricare system down here this week.  I have to say this is when I get nervous before I meet the new doctor.  I keep telling myself it can't go anywhere but up from here and in truth they do have so much more to offer her at the base alone not to mention in Pensacola as well.  Still The protective mother bear that has had to fight to get even blood test done for her the past few years feels like she is pacing inside of me.

Her Pre-K teacher  seems happy to work with anything she is handed so I am hoping that if I give her the school supply list of things she can and can not have  (as well as providing the supplies) then she will not have a problem.  The school has works with allergies and since it is a private school there will be less children.   So I am hopeful.  Still looking up and calling different companies to check if they are GF since most of the ones that are pre-written are from '09.   Hopefully when I am done I can make a list and post it for you guys to use too.

here are some links to other useful information , tools, or letters that will help with educating the school and teacher on your child's illness.

Assisting a GF child a letter to educators a letter from the doctor to the teacher

Letter to educator 

www.celiaccentral.org/SiteData/docs/504 Plan R/fcd141e36d5775c0/504 Plan Roadmap for the Accommodating...a Student with Celiac Disease - 2011.pdf    the 504 plan if you do not know is part of the disability act and your child has to have a 504 diagnosis to participate in it.  This is a wonderful thing if you or your child is a simple straight forward case it will help you so much!  Unfortunately most of us do not have a simple diagnosis to qualify for this but if you think you do ask your doctor if you have a 504 diagnosis.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I contaminated her *Heavy sigh*

So my child has been going through the melt downs, not able to use her words properly, and don't get me started on the "rage" or temper issue today.   As I keep trying to pack for the move she would be unpacking the one box I had not taped up (I had not taped it to give her something to do).  Then she would come at me again and for the life of me I could not understand why she was doing this.  I mean yes we are moving and she has her good moments but also her bad moments with that. This seemed like gluten though.

After each large box or tote I pack I let myself sit down until my back stops throbbing and as I sit here I notice I have had the screen door open all day.  The wind is blowing and anywhere else this would be a fine day.  Here with the grain elevators next to us I have been filling my house full of contamination.  A huge reason my daughter and I are moving not to mention the doctor's idea of treatment was for me to Google it.

Here is my question: What do you do when your child is contaminated?  Do you treat them differently or hold them to the same behavioral standards as always?

I used to try to cut my daughter more slack because the gluten does make a large difference in her everything from motor skills to personality.  I am now of the mind to think that is hurting her.  Her teachers can not say well she hit him because of the gluten.  The police will not say that about her.  Her friends are might understand some mood swings but only up to a point.

So what are your thoughts on this subject?  Even if you do not have a child who needs to be GF.  What is your opinion?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Smokin' Skillet Is Gluten Friendly

My husband had heard about this place, and the prices were insanely low!  I was hesitant [like I am about all new restaurants] because you never know how gluten friendly the staff are really going to be.  We placed our order with the waitress and went through the normal “Please cook it on tinfoil because we do not want to risk cross contamination” spiel.  Then the waitress asks what she wants for her sides. Well normally she can only have broccoli when we go out (she will not eat potatoes!)  When I looked at the sides list I was shocked to see how many options there were for her.  She got a HUGE fresh fruit bowl and inhaled it.  

After ordering the manager came out and I sighed a heavy tired sigh to myself because this has happened many times.  This is usually when they say something like, “I‘m sorry, but we can’t help you, we can’t take the risk of having you eat in our restaurant.”  Outwardly I covered my sad face to greet her with a smile.  She was coming out to find out the facts.......What?  Yes, ladies and gentlemen  The manager and owner wanted to know everything they could know about how to better serve my child.  She wanted to let me know in the future what other food option were.  She wanted to know what the staff could do to keep my child safe and brought over the menu to go over it with me.   

The options for people who do not need gluten free food is 3 pages or more.  The portions are huge I had to take mine home!  So If you live here, stop by-- they’re celebrating their one year anniversary on 5/7/11 . If you’re still not sure after my glowing recommendation check out their sites.



Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gluten free food labeling petition and email PLS take a moment to sign

1 in 133 people have celiac disease that is not how many people need to eat gluten free food.  Please take a moment and at least sign your name to this petition.  there can be power in numbers.  If you really want to help click the send a letter and you can send a letter that has already been for you or you can write one of your own.   You can also donate but I am asking you to lend you name to the cause.

Sign here :http://1in133.org/you/

1in133.org - Support Gluten-Free Food LabelingI want to thank any of you that take the time to do this even if it does take 2 more years for them to get this done I have to hold out hope. Also thanks you for reading my blog.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leal's in Clovis NM is VERY Gluten Friendly!!!

We  went out for Mexican food tonight and were overjoyed to find out how helpful and friendly  http://www.lealsmexicanfoods.com/ Leal's Mexican restaurant on Prince St was.   We normally ask for a plain chicken breast or hamburger with cheese (even though she is lactose intolerant we let her have it once in a while).  We tell the restaurant that she has celiac disease and explain what she can not have.  We ask them to cook the order on tinfoil for us to make sure no contamination takes place.

Leal's manager came to the table to let us know that most of the meat get marinated the night before but she would be happy to check and see if they had non marinated meat for us.  They did have a few pieces YAY!  She was happy to let me look at the ingredients on the marinade bottle if  they did not have any meat without marinade.  They also have a gluten free menu now which was something I had not thought to look for.  They even covered her plate with tinfoil for her to eat on.

When we go again, I'll probably call ahead and make sure they have a chicken breast that has not been marinated before we go-- just in case this post sends a ton of gluten free ppl to eat there the same night we do, lol.

Overall the experience of dining Gluten-free at Leal's was a wonderful one! I would have to give them 5 out of 5 stars.   
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